Trying New Things: Oysters

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I hope you are doing well! The amazing Emma of Behind The Leopard Glasses and her husband, Charlie, just left from a very fun weekend visit. They came all the way from New Jersey! It was wonderful having them stay with us. I’ll tell you more about their visit in another post. For now let’s focus on my latest adventure into trying new things!

While Emma and Charlie were visiting I tried raw oysters for the first time ever! I mean, they are wiggly and slimy! Not the most appetizing looking food. I had absolutely no interest in trying them. People have offered in the past, mostly my dad, but as I said: they looked gross.

While Emma and her husband Charlie were visiting Fletch and I took them to Pike Place Market. They both love oysters and wanted to get them fresh while at the market. I saw that as an opportunity to try something new.

first attemptSo there I was, staring down the barrel of a loaded oyster shell. I will admit that I was not excited to eat an oyster. It took me a few minutes just to get the courage to eat it. As I guessed, they are as wiggly and slimy as they look. I chewed them up and swallowed. I didn’t mind them too much in the shell.

second attemptI even had a second, this time on a cracker. I didn’t like eating it on a cracker as much. I thought about the chewing way too much. I’ve decided that i’d rather take it like a shot. Just goes down a bit easier and quicker.

Enough jabbering. I know you are probably wondering what my final opinion was.

The Hilary Scale

Overall I would say that I liked them. I would probably never go on a hunt for them but if they were offered to me I would take two, in the shell that is. Not too bad!

final thought

Do you like oysters? If you do, what is your favorite way of eating them? I’d love tips!

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