August Wish List

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Hello Lovely!

It is time again for my monthly wish list!! This is where I share all of the awesome stuff I found online. This edition features a ton of ice cream themed items and, as always, additional super cute stuff!

August Wish List-01

      1. Enamel Pin Candy / Greenwich Letterpress
      2. Teacher’s Petal Top / ModCloth
      3. Lowery Jurassic World Brooch / Kate Gabrielle
      4. Sweet as Frosting / Human
      5. Enamel Camera Pin /Greenwich Letterpress
      6. Kikki-K Planner / Kikki- K
      7. Ice Cream iPhone Case / Amazon
      8. Small Weekender Bag / Fab
      9. Enamel Ice Cream Pin /Greenwich Letterpress
      10. Ice Cream Light / Amazon
      11. Candy Dress / Dani Lamb Designs
      12. Kawaii Mug / Human
      13. Macaron External Battery / Amazon
      14. Milkshake Brooch / Atomic Mingo

See anything you can’t live without? I bet that ice cream light would be adorable on a shelf in your home! At least, that is how I feel about it.

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9 thoughts on “August Wish List

  1. The enamel pin is super cute as is the black petal top. I am loving the LJW brooch, I totally loved his character in that movie! The camera pin is totally you! Number 13 is a handwarmer??
    Also I clicked and visited all the links in the hopes you get some small compensation because you are awesome 🙂

    • I am glad you liked so many of the items I included!
      I think #13 is a hand warmer and cell phone charger. Cool huh?!
      Thank you for clicking through! I think I only get compensation on stuff people buy though. 🙁 With the Amazon links, if you follow the link to Amazon and buy something while still in the window I would get compensated for that. Affiliate programs are tricky!

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