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Hello Lovelies, Today I am introducing you to K of The Appreciation Factor. K reached out to my after reading one of my previous guest posts and it has been wonderful chatting back and forth. K’s blog is wonderful and I really hope you take a moment to check it out!!! Now over to K!

I was very excited when Hilary of Cutie Cameras said, “Yes” when I shared my offer to share my joy on her blog. On my blog, The Appreciation Factor, I talk about things I appreciate and how we talk about and show appreciation. This offer was a great opportunity to share something that brings me both joy and something which I also appreciate – Vintage objects/finds. In today’s world so much of what many use each and every day is new and shiny. We always want the next new/updated version… it’s what keeps us immediately connected. However, I have a deep appreciation for products and items from our past. I find that most are better made, have a unique smell (some may call it musty – but it brings an instant sense of calm for me), and last longer. The simple fact that I’ve found some items that are 30, 40 or 50 years old is a testament to the quality in itself. I also really appreciate these items as they reflect not only a simpler and less rushed time, but because without them, many trends and products wouldn’t exist today. In their own right they were also once new and unique. For me there are 5 key categories of Vintage joy :

  •  Fashion: Purses, pins, clip-on earrings, and chunky Lucite necklaces
  • Swizzle Sticks: This is my #1 (Mermaids at #2)
  • Figurines: My primary focus is on Mermaids (I almost hesitate to share this as they are so hard to find I hate adding to the competition!)
  • Nautical/Beachy: While very much into anchors even before they became popular, I look for the aforementioned Mermaids, sailboats, images of beachy shells, etc..
  • Holiday: Primarily I look for Christmas, figurines, wrapping paper, and cards, but I’ve been known to grab a Valentine’s Day item or Halloween jack-o-lantern.

In Fashion, there’s nothing for me like finding a patent leather clutFashion Resize 50ch with a convertible handle. It’s a twofer as they say. Two purses in one! (This yellow purse is a big hit and often is referred to as my corn purse.) These purses seem to set me apart as I like the classic and sort of retro look it brings to many outfits. Many also hear me say that the 50s & 60s Lucite (I usually say plastic) necklaces are the fashion piece that set me apart. The colors are unique and make a fashion statement all their own. My favorite pink necklace (shown) was my mom’s. When I wear it, I feel close to her and it brings a smile and confidence boost when I need it. Swizzle Sticks: If you want whimsical, think Swizzle Stick! I even get a smile on my face when I say Swizzle. It has to be one of the coolest Swizzle 3words! The Swizzle Stick got its advertising/branding starting in 1935 when Jay Sindler wanted not only to fish out olives, cherries etc.. from drinks and as a way to promote drinking establishment’s names and addresses. I will haunt flea markets and antique stores for vintage Swizzle sticks as today it’s harder and harder to find them at local bars. These are my favorite. The idea is to use the whistle when you want a refill. (Can’t see bartenders liking them.) I especially share this tradition now with others. love these because growing up, my family had a whole mixing glass filled with Swizzle Sticks that we used in drinks on the deck. While I always drank soda, I loved the opportunity to pick out a colorful swizzle or the one with the whistle that I’d blow endlessly! When I take these out, I happily recall those summers long ago and try to share this tradition now with others. Figurines: I love looking at the whimsical expressions – such long eyelashes! – and their sweet demeanor.  My mermaids can range in size, but I’m a fan of Lefton and Norcrest ones from Japan. Both brands are harder and harder to obtain at a nominal price, but if you want joy – you should have seen me jumping around when I found one I didn’t own for $12 a few months ago!  I couldn’t stop smiling and the latest – shown in the picture – was a perfect addition to my collection of five.  The red holiday maid with a muff, also made in Japan, was a steal at $6 at a local flea market.

The last, Nautical/Beachy category is something that I’m thrilled to find in Vintage, but will also pick up more modern elements. I love the beach and to bring that in to my home truly brings me joy.  Check out some of my favorites in this picture: Nautical Resize Try bringing some of the past in to your life. Vintage has its own character, and the patina, retro look and whimsical feeling they bring can’t help but bring you joy and smile to your face.  At least that’s true for me!

Thank you so much to K for writing such a lovely post!! Vintage items are awesome and I also love hunting for good finds. Stay tuned for our next guest post next week! If you are interested in writing something for this feature then email me at

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    I was offered a great opportunity by Hilary of, (GREAT SITE give it a visit!) who after several conversations offered me a guest spot in her weekly “Finding Joy” feature. I grabbed it because it was a chance to give you a quick look at something I both appreciate AND which brings me joy – Vintage objects/finds! A HUGE thanks for this opportunity Hilary!

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