USB Flash Drives That Are Too Cute To Handle!

I love anything and everything that is small and cute even if I don’t need it. The two items I am showing you today are good examples of this. USBs I do a lot of online hunting and shopping which means I happen upon cute little items quiet frequently. One night I decided I couldn’t live without these cute little USBs. Looking back I probably didn’t need them (at least not both) BUT I will say that I absolutely love them and enjoy seeing them on my desk. They fit perfectly with the rest of my decor and they make me happy. Soon I will run out of room on my desk for cute little nicknacks… maybe I should stop buying so much. Nah. What do you think of my purchases? You can find the toast here. You can find the cupcake here. pink signature

20 thoughts on “USB Flash Drives That Are Too Cute To Handle!

  1. According to Adam Savage (from Mythbusters), you should always have a flashdrive on you because you never know when you will need one. I used to have a really cute one shaped like a tape measure, but I lost it. I like the cupcake one a lot. Maybe it will be my replacement for the tape measure.

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