Time Traveling Tuesday: Entertaining the Masses Pt. 2

This is the continuation of last week’s Time Traveling Tuesday post. You can read it here to get caught up.

Let’s fast forward to college when I was supposed to “find myself.” I was involved in a ton of different groups and activities. They all shaped me and changed me into the person I am today.

I participated in our campus’ Women Center and worked on the staff as the Sexual Assault Peer Education Team Coordinator.

Womens Center Staff

I performed in the Vagina Monologues. It was terrifying and extremely rewarding. After moaning on stage in front of a room full of strangers three nights in a row you learn to be more confident in yourself. I performed my Sophomore year and my Senior year.

moan 2

I was in a few drag shows to raise funds for the Pierce County Aids Foundation. They support people in our community living with HIV/AIDS. We raised a lot of money and I was happy to support my friends also participating.

Drag Show 2009

I organized Take Back the Night on my campus twice. Take Back the Night is an event that sets out to reclaim the night and create a safe space for communities with the ultimate goal being to eliminate sexual violence.  This is an event that is very near to my heart. All too often we are told to take extra caution; walk in pairs, walk with purpose, don’t wear short skirts for fear of sexual violence. We all deserve to be safe. At our event we had guest speakers, an open mic for survivors and allies to speak out, and a march through campus where we cheered and screamed about the injustices within out society.  The whole event was very moving and inspiring. If you would like to learn more you should check out their website here.

TBTN 2009


TBTN 2011


I learned that I love social justice and fighting for what is right. It made me feel like I had a purpose.

I also learned that I LOVED radio. My first year at college I began my involvement with student radio. I started as a DJ, moved up to Equipment Manager, then was promoted to Manager. I was interested in every aspect of radio. I enjoyed learning about the equipment, talking on the air, and I loved being the manager. I spent most of my time in the studio helping students with the equipment or organizing events for the DJs to participate in. We wanted our DJs to feel like they were a member of a family. We wanted them to feel invested in the station and in each other.

KCCR Staff

KCCR Staff

KCCR In studio performance

In studio performance with Rockwell Powers

KCCR Promotion

Promoting KCCR at an event on campus

KCCR trip to Philly

Kirsty and I in Philadelphia for a radio convention

The Alternative Resource

Nicole and I taking promotional shots for our show, “The Alternative Resource”

KCCR Pancake

Fletch wearing the flapjack costume at an event

I had an amazing time at the radio station. The managerial staff and I grew our station from around 10 volunteer DJs when I began to 65 volunteers when I decided to hand off the rains. During my time there I learned to manage others, stay organized, deal with difficult situations, and how to promote.

I had a great time cooking up ideas with the rest of the staff to get the word out about the station. We decided that a great way to spread the word was to be at every event on campus providing music. Our little station was growing and we wanted the entire community to know. We also came up with a catchy slogan. We went with, “better than a buttery stack of flapjacks” and created a costume for someone to wear while they handed pens out to students with the slogan. I can honestly say that every new PLU student had a KCCR pen while I was managing the station. It was wonderful.

My involvement on campus helped me learn to entertain people without involving my not-so-beautiful singing voice.

After college I tried to get into the radio business and it wasn’t panning out. One day I hope to be able to at least work part time at a station but for now I am enjoying blogging and working full time for my employer.

Life is pretty amazing.



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