DIY No Heat Waves!

Hello Lovelies!!

Today I am sharing a hair trick I learned last year that will make your hair wavy with no heat!
I do this almost everyday and I absolutely love the result!!

no heat waves

What you need:

  1. Small elastic bands (for hair)
  2. Water
  3. One regular hair tie
  4. Hair clip

Step 1:

If you wash your hair at night make sure your hair is mostly dry before you do this. If you washed your hair in the morning and you are doing this for day two hair make sure you dampen your hair.

In this photo I am getting my hair a little damp. I usually put a little mouse in before I start.

Step 1

Step 2:

Split your hair into two sections.

Step 2

Step 3:

Starting with the top section of your hair, just under your chin, Take two sections and twist your hair.

Step 3

Similar to a french braid, take another section and add it to the twist.

Step 3b Continue twisting until you get to the bottom.

Step 3c

Step 4:

Use a small elastic to secure your hair.

Step 4b

Step 5:

Use a clip to pin your hair up so it doesn’t untwist. Trust me, this is super helpful!

Step 5b

Step 6:

Repeat on the other side of your hair!

Step 6a

Step 6b

Step 6c

Step 7:

Take your hair out of the clip and hold both twisty-braid things together.

Step 7

Step 8:

Use a hair tie to hold the two twisty-braids together.

Step 8a

Check me out, I have a beard!

Step 8b

Step 9:

Go to sleep!!

Step 9

Step 10:

When you wake up go ahead and shower. I won’t show a photo of that part.. After you can take your hair ties out.

Step 10a

Step 10b

Step 11:

I flip my hair over and shake it all around to get the waves separated.

Step 11

Step 12:

Now you are all done!!

Step 12

 I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Have a wonderful day!

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21 thoughts on “DIY No Heat Waves!

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  2. OMG – just seeing this post. LOVE THIS. I’ve loved how wavy my hair gets after a bun, but it’s always half way down my hair – this would get it up to the roots!

    Q: When you “tie” together do you really put in front of your face? OR could you also twists the twists and tie them up to the sides of your head, NOT quite Princess lea, but sort of (Similar to what you did when you started working on the other side of your head. Just wasn’t sure if your tying them in front of you helps this technique.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Cannot wait to try this. Let me know on the above.

    • Whatever works! I’ve tied them behind my head so it wasn’t in my face while sleeping. This just seems to be the easiest and quickest. Right now I do an altered version most mornings. After washing my hair I blow dry it part of the way, do the twists, run my flat iron over the twist and then wear the two twists for the first few hours of the day. Then I take them out and have beautiful effortless(ish) waves).

    • Thanks!! My post on tinting your eyebrows has pretty good facial expressions. Someone told me they never saw anyone so excited about tinting their eyebrows. I take it as a compliment. 🙂

  3. So DISASTER re: hair – COMPLETE FRIZZZ. Nothing cool and beachy for me. 🙁
    My hairs significantly shorter and I had a hard time twisting, keeping it twisted and then twisting together. Ended up sort of “heidi” wrap in loop on head, but yeah just frizz frizz frizz frizz. Sigh… Looks good on you though.

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