Studio Ghibli Themed Dress

Hi Lovely!!

Earlier this month was Fletch and mine’s anniversary. He was so sweet and bought me the cutest dress from Hot Topic: the Soot Sprite Dress by HerUniverse! I had my eye on it for months and never pulled the trigger. When I pulled it out of the gift bag Fletch handed me I immediately squealed with joy! I knew what it was the moment I saw it. I tried it on and was thrilled to find it fit perfectly!


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress | Hot Topic ♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥





I wore this outfit out to the Fremont Street Market in Seattle over the weekend. I wanted to wear something that made me feel cute, was comfy, and lightweight. I try to wear my non-work appropriate clothing as much as possible on the weekends and I think I’ve worn this dress every weekend since I got it. It’s just too cute!!

The soot sprites are from the Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away, which is one of my favorites. I like wearing my fandom on my sleeves and I feel like I can make instant connections this way. While wearing it I received a ton of compliments, mostly people saying they love the movie and wanted the dress too. You basically make an instant friend when you can connect so quickly.


My handmade skirt from Kristina!!!

Hi Lovely!

Today I want to share this cute skirt handmade by my amazing friend, Kristina of The Eyre Effect!!! I had told her how I wanted a cute skirt and she graciously offered to make me one if I brought her fabric. Of course I immediately went to pick out fabric and decided on this cute fox fabric. She was so sweet to make it even though I know she is super busy. When I saw the final product I was in awe. It’s so cute!! I absolutely adore my new skirt and I’m so thankful that she spent the time to make it for me. The fact that Kristina made it makes it even more special. Her friendship is so incredibly important to me and this cute little skirt is a representation of that relationship.


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Shirt | ModCloth ♥ Skirt | c/o Kristina ♥ Tights | Fred Meyers ♥ Shoes | Aldo ♥



I actually met Kristina through blogging. We started commenting on each other’s posts and after a few months we realized that we lived minutes away from each other. I feel like I found a long lost friend in her. We met and immediately connected. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know how I got so lucky. She is such a wonderful, kind, loving person and she, for some reason, wants me as a friend. Now that is pretty awesome.

When I wear this adorable skirt I think of her and the love she put into it. It makes me feel so special and I love that I can show off her amazing work.

To Kristina, thank you for being such a great friend. You make my life richer by simply being in it. Love you lady!

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A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

Hi Lovely!

I want to talk to to you today about being the person that you want vs. what people expect of you. I’ll first talk from my own experience. I’m a twenty-seven year old who buys toys and wears dresses with ice cream printed all over them. Some people look at me and think that its odd for me to be the way I am. But here is the thing. I am who I am and I love myself. I love wearing frilly dresses that make little girls go aww. I love bonding with adults and kids alike over toys or collectibles. It all brings me great joy and it’s alright if people don’t get it. They don’t need to.
be your wonderful self

Here is what I’ll say to you. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, then do, wear, and/or be whatever you want. If it makes you happy then who cares if other people understand. Who cares if they don’t agree? They can suck it! You are an awesome, beautiful, smart, creative, wonderful person and if people can’t appreciate it then they don’t deserve any of your energy.

Be your wonderful self, because you are special and incredible.

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Our trip to Ocean Shores!

Hi Lovely!

Last weekend Fletch and I took a day trip to Ocean Shores! We had already wanted to take a little day trip when my big brother, Dayton, texted and told us that him and Rachel (his girlfriend) were in Ocean Shores for a few nights and that we should come hang out. We had been wantoing to visit so hanging out with Dayton and Rachel was the perfect excuse for a road trip.We started early and arrived in Ocean Shores just in time for a late breakfast. We ate some yummy food then were off to venture around the town. If you’ve never been to Ocean Shores then I’ll tell you that there isn’t a ton to do there. It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but not the most active place. We decided to stop in a few little touristy shops and while walking around we decided to buy a few kites. None of us had flown kites in ages and it seemed like a fun idea.


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Mixing My Love For Pastels and Magical Girl Stuff

Hi Lovely!

I’m so excited to share this latest outfit with you! I decided to do a styling centered around Elora’s Luna pin. When I first asked Elora to be a part of my Bantam Business feature, I was excited when she said yes. I’ve been admiring her work for a while now and couldn’t wait to share her talent with all of you! Elora even offered to send me this super-cute pin! I had already been eyeing it for a while and knew immediately that I had to style a cute ensemble to go with it. Yay!! (Huge thank you to Elora for sending it to me!)

pastel magic


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress | Dorothy Perkins ♥ Sweater | ModCloth ♥ Pin | Elorasaurus ♥ Backpack | Aliexpress ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥

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