Rocking my new Hello Kitty Cafe shirt!!

Hi Lovely!!

I am so excited about my latest t-shirt!!! You may know, just by looking at most of the outfits I share, I don’t wear t-shirts very often. I’ve been trying to add some cute ones to my closet to pair with skirts (or sweatpants depending on how lazy I feel) so while in California I decided to buy a shirt from the Hello Kitty Cafe. I already had the mug from when I visited the pop-up in Seattle and had regretted not getting the shirt. I mean, it’s Hello Kitty with a cute mound of desserts on top. So cute!!

This weekend I decided to style the top with one of my cute skirts. I think it turned out quite well!


Outfit DetailsNEW♥ T-Shirt | Hello Kitty Cafe ♥ Skirt | ModCloth ♥ Purse | Aliexpress ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥




What Fletch usually sees in between photos. He was sweet enough to snap this so I could show you. haha

I decided to wear my new shirt with this skirt because it seemed like the warmer choice. While the weather isn’t cold enough for snow, it’s still pretty cold! I’ve been trying to wear whatever I can to stay warm. I added this cute purple purse to add more color and wore my adorable mint shoes to make it more pastel. Cute, right?

I think next time I might try my purple skirt with my new t-shirt. It would be a lot of color but I like that kind of style.

So, how would you style this shirt? I’d love some suggestions!!!

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Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.

Hi Lovely!

Happy Sunday! I’ve spent my morning watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It was a pretty great way to spend the first part of my day. Fletch and I always have stuff going on so taking a little break to sit on the coach and work on stuff together is nice. The movie is now close to its end and I’m about to go out and brave the mall. That of course got me to thinking about the world and more specifically, the “holiday spirit”

First let me say that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I have an excuse for shopping for others and giving gifts. Yay! It’s a time for family, love, and care. My issue is that people get so wrapped up with gift giving and getting the best deals that I feel like we lose site of what’s really important. The fact that people literally fight for stuff in stores is just crazy to me. I mean, that isn’t what this is all about.
keep love in your heart

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Super-Awesome California Weekend Recap | Day 3

Hi Lovely!

My third and final day in Southern California was spent shopping in LA! I spent a lot of time shopping…

Jasmine was so sweet. I had no idea where she lived in relation to LA so when I asked her if we could hit up LA  for some shopping I wasn’t really sure if it would be possible. It was about an hour away so we decided to make a day of it! It was a ton of fun!!

We first stopped off in Long Becah to go to the Bait store. We met up with the wonderful, Laura (Bububun on Instagram), to do a little shoe shopping. It was really cool to hang out with such lovely ladies. They both found a few cute pairs of shoes and I bought a pair of socks. Unfortunately they didn’t have the shoes I wanted in my size. Oh well!


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